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16th December 2012

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I know people are tired of having this preached, but refusing to source is very disrespectful to the artists that have spent hours on what they make, is technically theft, and forces artists to remove or restrict their works and makes them apprehensive about uploading more.

It is also highly annoying to people that may want to see more works by a particular artist but can’t find who made it because the artist is not credited, and to people such as myself that want to see great artists given the respect they deserve.

Sourcing tips and advice under the readmore.

Before even making the image post make sure the artist does not:

  • Have a Tumblr that you can instead reblog from.
  • Prohibit reposts/reprints. Google Translate actually does a decent job here and a quick translate of their ‘Self Introduction’ should work. Look for lines that translate to something close to ‘Reprint is prohibited’ or ‘please do not reprint or redistribute without permission’.

Sites for Sourcing

  • Sauce Nao (Only five searches allowed in a thirty second period, and 150 searches a day total)
  • Google image search (Also very good for finding what characters are in an image)
  • IQDB
  • TinEye (Not very reliable however)

Apps for sourcing

How to put sources in your images

  • Clear out the ‘http://’ and paste the source URL into this box just above the tags for the old style:


  • Or for the current style, you place the URL into the line beside ‘Content source’:
  • For sets: If they’re by the same artist or part of the same work then just put the artist or work credit in the source. If they’re by different artists then try something like this, linking each number to their respective image/artist: 

Image Credit: 1/2/3/4

Artist Credit: 1/2/3/4

  • Now depending on how you want to credit you can put the image’s title, with a link to the image, in the description box as well. But most important is a link to the artist’s profile. You can either copy/paste the name and then link it to their page, or some browsers allow you to simply drag and drop the name, linked and all, into the text box.
  • I personally use a simple “By:” followed by the artist’s name with a link to their profile page, but each blog has a different way of doing things.

Places that are good to source from (These are the two main ones that I’m aware of. There are countless image sharing sites like these)

Places that aren’t sources

  • Danbooru (“Side note: Danbooru may not be a source but sometimes they have the artists name as a tag on the left side, you can use this to try and find the source.” Thanks vyctorianbyron! They also sometimes have a direct link in a section just below the tags.)
  • Any -booru site really
  • weheartit
  • Photobucket

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